Health and Beauty Kits

Good health is the key to success and happiness. Stamina and mental fitness keep us agile, active, alert and optimistic. But to enjoy this kind of worldly as well as inner happiness we need to be sound at both the mental and physical levels. Therefore, we must treat our body like a shrine and make it a point to keep it nourished the healthy way. Beauty is equally important. Beauty inspires and transforms us. It gives us confidence and assurance. Naaptol as India's leading online shopping platform perceives the value of Health and Beauty, and gives you incredible deals in this segment. Stay fit and stay beautiful with Naaptol's amazing offers

Naaptol's Health and Beauty section showcases a host of products. Under Health you have weighing machines, health care devices, massagers, oral and personal hygiene, pain relievers, medicine and health supplements, sexual wellness, and woman wellness & safety.

Weighing Machines

Worried about the piling pounds? Do not lose hope yet. Get into a strict diet regimen and exercise regularly. Above all, keep a tab of how you are progressing by investing in a weighing scale. Choose from a host of weighing machines that Naaptol has in varying price ranges.

Health Care Devices
It is important that as you inch towards 40, you should be careful about maintaining your health. It is always a good idea to monitor your health and Naaptol gives you the opportunity to do just that from the comfort of your home. Are you in need to check your blood pressure, pulse rate, blood circulation level, or glucose level? With kids at home, it often happens that they fall sick with all the germs they might be exposed to. Keeping a thermometer at home helps a lot. Check your heart rate with the heart rate monitor. Your calves and soles feel downright awful after an exhausting day at work, especially if you had to to do lot of walking. Relieve yourself of those aches and pamper yourself with our Bio Magnetic Insoles. The nodules on them correspond with the acupressure and reflexology points on the sole of the feet and give you respite. Go for a pedometer and keep a track of how far you ran, walked, biked or store a record of your workouts. Naaptol also includes products like breath vaporizer, Stethoscope, bathroom UV sterilizer, resistance band tubes, full-body health analyzer and more.

Massagers, Pain Reliever & Personal Hygiene
Therapeutic message goes a long way to give you health benefits. It helps reducing body and joint pains, improves blood circulation, helps the immune system to function well, eases muscles, and wards off depression and anxiety. Choose from a whole range of body massagers - full body massaging mat, eye massager, massager cum fat burner, magnetic toe ring, cervical massager, different kinds of handheld massager, facial massager, foot mats, magnetic bracelet and many more!

Health Supplements
Our skin is a reflection of our internal health. If we are fit from within, our skin will definitely shine. Though junk food hamper our health, we can add the required minerals through supplementary intakes of vitamins and other nutritional health supplements. For this, Naaptol online shop has a complete separate category, where people can easily find the health supplements and maintain their inner and outer beauty.

Orthopedic Appliances, Medicines
Under this category one can find the orthopedic appliances and equipments that are required by the people suffering from any orthopedic ailments. Hearing aid, thermal device, hot water bags, calorie measuring devices, height increasing devices and various other devices can be bought from Naaptol's online health shop. Stay away from all kinds of health issues with Naaptol's comprehensive supply of medicines. Here, one can also find the products and pills that are required to do away with unwanted pregnancy and other health problems. Personal hygiene also aids a lot in keeping and maintaining a good health, therefore products related to them have also been included under this category. Find more of pain relieving stuff under the Pain Relievers section under Health. Personal hygiene is important and that is why we have ear cleaners and teeth whiteners for you.

Naaptol's line of Beauty Care products are huge as well. From body shapers to body and bath care products, from perfumes and fragrances to make-up and beauty kits - everything can be found in Naaptol's online space.

Shapers and Slimmers Shapers and slimmers together known as Shapewear are garments that when worn make your look slimmer at the right places. Made of spandex, nylon or lycra, these shapers and slimmers help squeeze your bulges and makes you look fitter. And you can enjoy carrying on this look with absolute comfort thanks to the stretchable material. Choose from Naaptol's wide range of Shapewear.

Fragrances and Perfumes
There are certain things that one needs apart from looking good. One of them is to smell good. Body sprays and perfumes go a long way to make you happy, lift your spirits, give you a sense of individuality, and a sense of escape.Choose from innumerable fragrances and various brands and wear a perfume that defines you. We have perfumes for every occasion and every mood.

Make Up and Beauty Kits
Apart from making you look more beautiful and subtle, cosmetics are essential for the skin too. We need to protect our skin in all the seasons, for which we need a few cosmetics. To protect the skin from sun burns and also to make them supple, soft and glowing, you need proper cosmetics. Try out from an array of cosmetics inluding nail polish, nail design kit, lipstick, foundation, kajal etc.

Beauty Salons Products
For each and every part of your body - face, hair, hand, foot, eye etc, Naaptol has a range of premium quality products. Choose from a huge range of products including facial kit, pimple face pack, glow cream capsules, face wash, fruit cream, anti-wrinkle cream, soaps, cream, body oil, hair re-vitalizer, shampoo, serum, mehendi, protein cream, manicure kit, eye masks etc.

Health and Beauty Brands
We at Naaptol believe in quality products. Therefore we feature brands like Zenith Nutrition, Herbal Hills, Alisten, Panasonic, Rossmax, Himalaya Herbal and more which give you the best-in-class yet value-for-money products.

However, the best part of associating with Naaptol is to be able to bag irresistible offers. Going by the core value of 'shop right shop more', Naaptol always strives to give you win-win deals. That's not all. You also get to compare prices in order to make more informed purchase decisions. So, come home to us; compare similar products in terms of brand, quality and price range and be the happy buyer.
Incase you are not sure about the working and functioning of a product, Naaptol is there to assist you at every step - you can browse through our Buying Guides section to know more about certain products.
So whether you are looking for herbal beauty products, health supplements, makeup, hair care, or health care devices, check out the brilliant offers on Naaptol.